FC Porto vs Braga, which team will save the season by winning the Cup of Portugal?

FC Porto and Braga will play the last game of the season in Portugal. Portugal Cup final will take place at the Estadio Nacional in 19:15 Jamor. For both teams this game is the last chance to get a trophy this season.

FC Porto disappointed in Liga Sagres, where he finished 15 points behind the champion Benfica. But will play in the qualifying round of the Champions League, so it has a chance to play in the fall the most powerful groups in continental competitions. In May she performed in both matches played consistently, swiping 3: 1 Rio Ave and 4: 0 Boavista.

Taca de Portugal in Porto play away in the first four rounds and each time was forced to zero. Also at zero and both Mans won the double with Gil Vicente in the semifinals.

We will meet an opponent whose value we know. They have the ambition to win this trophy. Is the maximum that a club like Braga can get. To us this cup win we must play very well, close to the maximum possible. About my future at Porto I said it three, four, five times, you will find the answer in the last press conference of the season.
– Jose Peseiro

Brazilian goalkeeper Helton could add a select group of players who have won the Portuguese Cup five times. Reached 38 years he said before today’s final.

The weapons that we can beat Braga? The greatest danger would be to not be focused and not take advantage of emerging opportunities. Regardless of what happens the team be motivated, it is unacceptable that a player may not be motivated to win a final.
– Helton

Last matches: FC PORTO
05.14.16 PRI Boavista FC Porto 4: 0
Rio Ave FC Porto 05/07/16 PRI 1: 3
04.30.16 PRI Sporting FC Porto 1: 3
23.04.16 PRI Academica FC Porto 1: 2
17.04.16 PRI FC Porto Nacional 4: 0

Braga ended the season in the vicinity of FC Porto, but 15 points from it. Ranking fourth and ensuring its presence in the next edition of the Europa League groups. With that position secured before the end of the season she played more relaxed in the last two rounds, so that first drew “white” in Coimbra, then was defeated at home with 0: 4 Sporting Lisbon.

Braga played in Portugal’s Cup final last year. Then he dramatically lost the trophy after 83 minutes was leading 2: 0. It was matched although the final play extra man in the 15th minute and eventually lost the trophy on penalties. Unlike FC Porto has experienced a somewhat difficult in the current edition of the cup. The Farense decided after extra time, as and Sporting Lisbon, thus taking revenge after defeat in the final of the last edition. He followed with a victory in May lejeraă Arouca and a double with Rio Ave decided due to a goal scored by Pedro Santos 7 minutes into the first leg.

Who will play the game can not only think that we raise the cup. We achieved everything we set up now and that gives us confidence. I played 57 games this season and we want to celebrate with fans winning a trophy. About my future at Braga we’ll talk afterwards.
– Paulo Fonseca

If Porto are not big problems effectively and will miss only the older injured Alberto Bueno, instead Paulo Fonseca has some trouble due to absences Filipe Augusto Arghus and the state of uncertainty surrounding asuprap developments of Boly, Vukcevic and Baiano.
Last matches: BRAGA
05/15/16 Sporting Braga PRI 0 4
07.05.16 PRI Academic Braga 0: 0
02/05/16 LEA Benfica Braga 2: 1
29.04.16 PRI Braga Setubal 3: 2
23.04.16 PRI Ferreira Braga 1: 0

The last direct duel took place in the first week of March. 70 minutes then it had not announced the end of the game very spectacular. Koka opened the scoring after 71 minutes and Braga was forced finally to 3: 1. A successful interrupted by a series of six that direct the disputes never experienced the taste of victory.

Probable teams:
FC Porto: Helton, Maxi Pereira, Chidozie, Marcano, Layún, Danilo, Sérgio Oliveira, Herrera, Brahimi, Corona, André Silva.
Braga Matheus, Marcelo Goiano, Ricardo Ferreira, Baiano (André Pinto), Luís Carlos Mauro (Vukcevic), Josué, Rafa, Pedro Santos, Hassan.

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