Blacktown City FC vs Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC – Tips Australia – FFA Cup

Last season, in 22 games played, Blacktown City FC had only five games in which he did not scored at least 3 goals (an average of 3.7 goals / game) Bonnyrigg White Eagles while FC had six games (averaging 3.3 goals / game).

History direct meetings between the two teams look promising, so in 4 of their last 6 games as goals were scored exceed the limit that we have chosen today: 2-2, 2-1, 2-2, 2-2 .

We expect a game with many successes, given that lower leagues in Australia have very good average of goals scored in matches, teams with defenses generally permissive.

The match between Blacktown and Bonnyrigg think it will be very spectacular, perhaps the most beautiful of all 4 the FFA Cup offers us. I say this because the teams are on a roll, have a considerable offensive appetite and were impressed with outright victories lately. The hosts came after a 4-1 home Manly Utd and have a great moral for this duel which seems to be very balanced.

Beyond those from Bonnyrigg four consecutive wins and tied 4-2 after coming from Rockdale, guests in these 4 games were scored 14 times and have collected 3 goals. Manly Bonnyrigg went 3-0 in the previous round while Blacktown Sydney Utd defeated 6-2 after a controversial match 2-2 in regulation time and overtime today hosts had a man removed in 103 minutes following that up-n 120 minutes to point 4 times.

Bonnyrigg not won many matches this arena but the most recent 6 games ended with goals in both high and now totals gates and considering the form of the two will risk an over 4.5 goals.

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